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As per your need and requirements, you can pick the SMS program which suits your business needs, be it for Bulk SMS showcasing or connecting with your clients, there are different administrative rules concerning your SMS client database. We are also known for the bulk SMS reseller in India.
  • Bulk Transactional SMS:
    Transaction SMS are DND ready SMS and are used for sending essential information such as Two Factor Authentication, Transaction Alerts, and other.
  • Bulk Alert SMS:
    Alerts SMS option is used for delivering Time-critical information, Passwords, Two-Factor Authentication, etc.
  • Bulk Promotional SMS:
    Promotional SMS are not DND ready. These are developed mainly for the purpose of promoting and marketing your products and services and also to create your brand awareness.
  • Bulk Voice Calls:
    With our bulk voice call reseller services; reach your target audience in a much easier way.
  • Voice Call Campaign:
    We provides superb voice call quality with our user friendly interface at reasonable prices.
  • Bulk Promotional Voice Calls:
    You can give promotional calls for any campaign including politics, education, customer service, ecommerce store, shops, insurance companies, etc.

Powerful Tool for Tracking the Statistics

Our Statistics Module integrated into Alice App is a powerful tool that gathers all important data on your company’s commercial success on one screen, including the features that are not offered by other developers that are popular nowadays. These features are:
  • Speed:
    You do not have to anxiously wait to ensure that the bulk SMS you sent quite some time back has reached your intended users in time or not. We have the fastest Bulk SMS Gateway to ensure 100% Instant delivery, upto couple of seconds on bulk push.
  • Quick Setup:
    Register with us and start marketing right away. We do not have long drawn setup processes to waste your precious time. Our interfaces and software are available to you within matter of Minutes.
  • Best Prices:
    For Bulk SMS Services of such high quality, we are the Cheapest Bulk SMS Provider you can find.
  • Market Leader:
    We are the leaders in the market of Bulk SMS Services and serving you better is always our Only Goal.
  • Customer Support:
    Stuck with a problem? We are just an email or phone call away from you to fix any of your issues with our services

Why Choose Us

  • 100% SMS Delivery
    SMS Deliverability rate close to 100%.
  • Unlimited Validity
    Unlimited validity additional benefits worldwide.
  • Lowest Cost
    Cheapest Bulk Sms service provider.

Choose a Plan That's Right For You

Gold New
Quantity 1000000
Rate 0.07
DLT Charges 0.025


GST Excluded

Silver New
Quantity 500000
Rate 0.08
DLT Charges 0.025


GST Excluded

Ultimate New
Quantity 200000
Rate 0.09
DLT Charges 0.025


GST Excluded

Standard New
Quantity 100000
Rate 0.10
DLT Charges 0.025


GST Excluded

Premium New
Quantity 50000
Rate 0.11
DLT Charges 0.025


GST Excluded

Comfort New
Quantity 25000
Rate 0.12
DLT Charges 0.025


GST Excluded

Mini Plus New
Quantity 20000
Rate 0.13
DLT Charges 0.025


GST Excluded

Mini New
Quantity 10000
Rate 0.14
DLT Charges 0.025


GST Excluded

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