Outbound IVR

IVR Features

Interactive Voice Response systems provides you many features. Some of the features are following
  • Sound: Play a sound during call
  • Record: To record user voice during the call
  • TTS: To do text to speech and play the output sound
  • Excel: To read/write IVR data into an uploaded excel sheet
  • DTMF: To take input from phone keypad
  • Call Transfer: To transfer the call to another number
  • Web: To do a web api call. Used for web lookup or posting data on a remote server
  • Conference: To start a conference with another number

Why Do Businesses Need IVR?

There are a number of benefits of an IVR software solution for different industries. For eg. A banking IVR can be used by customers to know their bank balance while freeing the customer service executive time to manage critical queries. Among others, an IVR solution helps to increase customer service efficiency, handle incoming call spikes ,boost customer satisfaction when complemented with auto call backs. If set up correctly it can uplift your customer experience.

Choose a Plan That's Right For You

Total Minutes 15000
Call Rates .20paisa/per 30 sec
Users Unlimited
Channels Unlimited


GST Excluded

Total Minutes 9000
Call Rates .22paisa/per 30 sec
Users 50
Channels 200


GST Excluded

Total Minutes 6500
Call Rates .25paisa/per 30 sec
Users 40
Channels 150


GST Excluded

Total Minutes 3500
Call Rates .55paisa per minute
Users 30
Channels 120


GST Excluded

Mini Plus
Total Minutes 1500
Call Rates .60paisa per minute
Users 15
Channels 50


GST Excluded

Total Minutes 750
Call Rates .65paisa per minute
Users 10
Channels 30


GST Excluded

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