Devices with M2M SIM cards can send and receive data across cellular networks. In IoT devices, the M2M SIM may share data directly with other devices and/or the software that manages the platform. in IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, helping enterprises around the world to jumpstart their digital transformation and embrace a connected future. M2M SIM cards are the primary piece of hardware that enables device-level IoT connectivity and are a core element of our technology suite. We can help you understand them.

Where are M2M SIMs in Use?

M2M SIMs have endless potential in making devices and even entire industries smarter. Popular uses include healthcare, transportation and logistics, as well as fixed systems and infrastructure. In a world that’s rapidly undergoing digital transformation, M2M SIMs are increasingly utilised.
Visit our M2M SIM case studies page to explore specific uses in the taxi industry, vehicle tracking, healthcare, utilities, agriculture, retail, and more.

M2M SIM Security

  • APNs
    APN stands for Access Point Name. An APN acts as a middle man between a particular network and the devices trying to connect with it, adding a layer of security to all of the devices on your network.
  • VPNs
    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which can be used without requiring any additional processing power from your device. VPNs encrypt your devices’ connection to the internet, so your device and its data are protected from outside access.

Types of M2M SIM Roaming

Steered SIMs have a network preference
Non-steered SIMs connect to the strongest network available

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